Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thing #14... Technorati

This wasn't too hard, still a lot to explore. I did the search, it was interesting to see how different they were. I tagged and claimed my blog, so it will be interesting to see if it shows up on anyone elses search when the get to this point. More later.

claiming my blog on technorati!!

Technorati Profile

Thing #13....

I liked this. It works really well and now my bookmarks are the same at home and at work. I can see how this will be helpful when it's time to replace my laptop, I won't have to go and find all the sites, this will keep them all in one place for me. As to how it will work for the library, might be useful, I'll have to keep using it to see.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thing #12... Rollyo

OK, so this was pretty fun. I did a roll about travel, since I have it on the brain right now. I can see how this would be pretty useful in the library and I think customers would use it if we offered it. I think I attached the roll, so let me know how it works.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thing #11 Web 2.0 Awards

OK, so the cool thing about this is that some of the sites that got awards are sites that I already use. is a great site for all things classified. From concert tickets to apartments, I've used it for everything. Flickr, well, what more can I say, I love that site. It's a great way to share pics with friends without having to send email. Anyhow, almost halfway done!! Wish me luck on the next THING!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thing #10 Image generators

This was a lot of fun.. I did a cartoon one, just cause it was one of the better ones I found. I posted the image to my flickr account, but here is a link just to make it faster. Also added a link to the generator...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Things 8 & 9

Ok, so things 8 and 9 were pretty cool. Now I have to break myself out of the habit of going to all these websites to see whats happening and instead letting them come to me. I am sure there are many more feeds I would like to track, so it will def be some work for me. Till next week...

Things 6 & 7...

Thing #6... Lots of fun here, mashups are pretty cool and I think I may spend some more time trying to mash up some of my pics in the future.

Thing #7.. anything technology related.. hmmm... Flash drives... Love them!!! I put 30 (yes 30!) floppies worth of pictures on a 256 flash drive.. and still had room to spare!! At home, it is so much easier to share pictures with friends that way, esp if you have a lot to share (say from a vacation, where my camera is constantly going). I also have a 1 gig flash drive that gets used a lot as well. OK, back to work for now, RSS is calling me!!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Thing #5......... FLICKR!!!!

Ok, so this Thing forced me to do something I have been seriously lagging on... using my Photoshop software that I bought months ago and never really messed around with. So, I went home and spent some quality time with all the pics on my laptop and PS. Can you FRUSTRATING? Granted, I didn't really read the manual, but I guess I just with is was more intuitive to the beginner. Did a lot of reading of the help menus though, so I guess that is good. I'm also thinking about taking a class, since I think I learn better in a hands on environment than just reading something. Also, this has prompted me to try and learn more about the digital camera i already have before I go out and buy a better (read: more expensive) one.

Anyhow, I played with some pics that I took and then today posted them to my Flickr page (SJMatt) so feel free to take a look and tell me what you think. Oh, and I take no blame if you look at any of the pics that my friends post on their Flickr accounts.... They crazy!